Sunday, September 8, 2013

Black Floral Dress

Forever 21 floral dress and grey sweater // Romwe pink statement necklace // Vintage belt // Steve Madden "Grettta" heels

I just got sick a few days ago, and it feels terrible. :( Especially since it's been about 90 degrees outside these past few days, and I've been dying from the heat in addition to my fever. Also, I somehow ended up singing to music videos at the top of my lungs while resting which did not help my sore throat at all. Any tips on how to feel better? 

xoxo, Elly


  1. Just get some rest and take it easy for a few days. Hope u feel better soon, Elly.
    Anyhoo, I do like this F21 dress:)

  2. o my gosh you are adorable!
    x rachel @

  3. I absolutely love your necklace!!


  4. Tip 1: Don't sing at the top of your lungs when you're sick ;)
    Haha, try some hot lemon tea with honey. Its my go-to for a sore throat.
    Love the cute floral dress on top of the grey sweater!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Oh nooo! I hope you get to feeling better, lovely lady. Being sick is no fun at all! Alas, I haven't been sick for years so I can't really help much. Just eat really healthy and hopefully it'll pass soon! And tea... lots of green tea!

    On the upside, you are lookin' supa cute and I would have never guessed you were sick! That dress is darling on you, Elly, and I must say those heels make your legs look so so good! Here's to hopin' you get well soon. <3 <3 sending love and hugs your way!

  6. love the necklace! oh and them shooeeezz

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
    Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog

  7. That dress is just so adorable!

    I say go for some chicken noodle soup and a good chick flick! That's what I do when I'm sick. Feel better soon!


  8. you are too cute! love that dress! I hope you get a lot of rest and feel better soon!



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