Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Karen Kane open knit sweater (Macy's) // Lace and fringe dress c/o Sugarlips // H&M t-strap heels

We've just started The Great Gatsby in literature recently, so I decided to channel some of my inner '20s with this fringe dress! I really love the fashion of the 1920s with all the flapper dresses and such. This dress is lots of fun with the fringe, which adds great movement. I also love how it's in a creamy white color because it really reminds me of Uli's dresses from Project Runway All Stars. Do you watch Project Runway? I'm a huge fan, so definitely tell me all about your favorite designers and looks! On a side note,  this dress also works great as a layering piece when worn as a top under a sweater or shirt. I found this out unintentionally while changing. I was putting on a pair of pants and hadn't yet taken off the dress or sweater. The dress became partially tucked into the pants, and it didn't look too bad when I checked in the mirror. So I tucked the dress in so that only the fringe peeped out under the sweater, and I actually really liked the look! Just an idea if you have a similar fringe dress. :) This might be hard to imagine so I might do an outfit post eventually to better show what I mean.

xoxo, Elly

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lamé Skirt

Forever 21 moto jacket, lamé skirt // AEO crop tee // Romwe necklace thanks to Ocrun // Wild Rose clear cap toe shoes from Ebay

Of course, the black leather jacket is an essential in every wardrobe, but I also really love the white leather jacket. It has the same versatile shape and is great for making light colored outfits more suitable for winter. A couple weeks ago, I had on an outfit that just screamed spring with a light pink chiffon tank and light blue floral pants. But after I threw on this jacket and some cold weather accessories, I looked ready for winter! Well, that and my definition of winter is sunny with a high of no lower than 50 degrees. Good ol' California. :) I'm worried that I won't be able to handle the cold if I move somewhere cold for college. But then again I could always use that as a reason to get more coats!

xoxo, Elly

Monday, January 7, 2013

Stripes and Floral Accents

Thrifted J Crew cardigan // Old Navy sweater // Elementz stripe shirt // AEO tie dye jeans (from giveaway) // ALDO 'Rinks' floral wedges

I didn't realize how much I needed a vertical stripe shirt until I got one. It goes with everything, and now I don't know how I ever lived without one! Next step: looking for a new vertical stripe skirt. I think stripes might just be my new favorite print of the moment! Also, I've been wanting a pair of bright, printed wedges since way last spring. Specifically, I really loved these wedges and the Steve Madden 'Winonna' wedge. Of course I couldn't resist when these went on sale last fall, but never got a chance to post with them until now. In other news, today was my first day back at school, and unfortunately the homework is piling on already. Looks like I better get started on that AP US history. :(

xoxo, Elly

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Neon Cats

Forever 21 neon cat pullover, collar shirt // Ve Vinice sequin skirt (gifted from aunt) // Kimchi Blue cap toe wedges (UO)

I've been wanting to post with this skirt since I got it during the summer. But holidays flew by too quickly, and I never got a chance to make an outfit with it. I was originally going to do something more dressy like pairing it with a blazer for a holiday look, but since holidays are over, I decided to tone down the skirt with a super casual cat print pullover. I've been obsessed with everything cat printed and was super excited to find this pullover a  little over a month ago. It's really comfy and easy to wear, so I find myself wearing it all the time!

PS: I'm thinking of updating the blog layout a little for the new year, so just a heads up that things might look a little weird for a while. And I'm a bit stumped as for what to do for the header and the overall theme, so I'd love to hear everyone's ideas!

xoxo, Elly
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