Monday, December 31, 2012

A Holiday Look

Shop Publik lace dress, studded clutch (from giveaway) // Forever 21 sheer shirt // Simply Vera chain necklace // Nordstrom polka dot tights // Lulu's studded shoes

Happy New Year! I actually had a whole bunch of holiday outfits planned but it looks like the holidays are just about over. Well, I might just post them later anyways! I won this dress and clutch in a giveaway a while ago and thought that they would be great for a holiday look. (Don't you love winning free stuff? I'm always jumping up and down whenever I find out that I've won something, even if it's just a pencil!) Well with the new year comes New Year's resolutions. I make pretty much the same resolutions every year, but still haven't done any of them! This year I'll aim to do more DIYs. I actually have a lot planned, but somehow always end up pushing them back till later. What are your New Year's resolutions?

xoxo, Elly

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Little Gothic

Thrifted Kirna Zabete at Target dress worn as outerwear // Floral lace shirt, studded collar c/o Oasap // Kohl's vertical stripe skirt // Forever 21 tights // Steve Madden shoes
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone's having a great holiday season so far! :) I was planning on posting this outfit along with the previous post (here) to do a "one dress, two ways" kind of post, but I never really had the time to take pictures for this outfit until now. I love how this dress can be completely unzipped, so I often wear it as a vest/jacket. Also, I thought I had ordered this collar in white, but I must have accidentally ordered it in black. I had a completely different look planned using the white collar, but I changed it to match the black one. This look's more gothic than what I usually wear, but I thought that the style fit the collar well. I might give the collar away to anyone who's interested, just shoot me a message. It'll be a Christmas present from me. :) And with that, happy holidays! Eat lots, sleep lots, and take full advantage of all the holiday sales!
xoxo, Elly

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Ankle Strap Flats

Thrifted Vince cardigan, Kirna Zabete at Target dress // Vintage Ralph Lauren plaid shirt // Romwe statement necklace thanks to Ocrun // Bamboo glitter flats from 2020Ave

As much as I love DIYs, I rarely actually do any. Although I'm calling this a DIY, it's so easy that it might not even qualify! I love ankle strap flats but haven't yet found an affordable version. I bought these flats on sale on Cyber Monday (for only $4!) especially for this project. I took the ankle straps out of my studded heels from this post. They were removable to begin with so I can reattach them any time. I simply tied the ankle straps around my ankles and then put on the flats. Done! I didn't connect the ankle straps to the flats in any way, but they still work great. Haha, but this is just about my limit for difficulty as far as DIYs go!

xoxo, Elly
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