Saturday, September 24, 2011

Long and Flowing

Jacket: Conrad C Collection , Dress: vintage , Belt: vintage , Scarf: Macy's , Shoes: Target

I just tried this yogurt from Whole Foods called Brown Cow and it was really good! I had the chocolate flavor where there's cream yogurt on the top and liquid chocolate on the bottom. I forgot to take a picture since I ate it too fast, but I'll try to remember next time.

<3 Elly

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Shoes: Lauren Conrad , Jacket: vintage

These are just a few new things.

1. I've been needing nude sandals all summer but unfortunatly wasn't able to get any until now. But on the bright side, it was on sale!
2. My mom gave me a few of her old coats. And I've been absolutely obsessed with purple lately!

I only had time for a few pictures but I'm sure you'll see everything else soon enough.

<3 Elly

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Heading West

Top: Forever 21 , Skirt: Old Navy , Belt : Vintage , Necklace and Bracelet: Forever 21 , Shoes: Target

Feeling a bit country-like with the denim skirt. And major polka-dot love!

<3 Elly

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Casual

 Romper: Kohls , Scarf: vintage , Shoes: Kohls

Just a casual post. Oh and don't you just love polka dots? It was my mom's old scarf. Love you mom!

<3 Elly

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Feeling Vintage

Dress: vintage , Belt: Kohls , Scarf: Kohls , Watch: vintage , Shoes: Target

Okay so this is a lot more vintage than how I usually dress but I just can't resist wearing new things immediately after I get them. I like to mix things up once in a while, what do you think?

<3 Elly

Something New

 Shorts / Bracelet / Scarf: Macy's , Skirt: Vintage

Hello world! I'm 15 and from California. I love fashion and photography, and what better than to become a fashion blogger? :)

This is just a quick little post of some new things I got. (clockwise from top)
1. Loved the color of these shorts
2. Just how intense is this cuff?
3. New black sequin scarf! (I'm a bit scarf obsessed)
4. Mom's old white maxi skirt (can't wait to pair it with a sweater when it gets cooler!)

<3 Elly
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