Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tulle Polka Dot Skirt

Forever 21 studded peter pan collar shirt // Romwe polka dot tulle skirt // Silence + Noise velvet blazer (UO) // ALDO "Rinks" floral wedges

Yay! School's finally over, and it's summer. :) I can't wait to have some fun and eat ice cream before having to dive into college apps and summer classes. These pictures were actually taken at a theme park that I went to with my family a couple days ago. Most of the rides were for little kids, so I mainly just watched my little sister play, but it was still really fun. I've never been very good with roller coasters and scary rides, but I decided to go on this banana ride that didn't look too scary. It was like one of those pirate ship rides (kind of like this) that you typically see in amusement parks but smaller and in the shape of a giant banana instead of a ship. I went in pretty confident since most of the other riders I saw on the ride before before were kids that seemed to have no problem with it. Plus, what could possibly go wrong in a giant banana, right? Wrong. I was scared out of my wits and screaming in terror the entire time. What a deceivingly cute looking banana boat. Haha, after that the only ride I dared go on was the carousel. Do you guys like scary rides? If you do, tell me your secrets of how not to be afraid.

xoxo, Elly
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