Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sky Print

Zara sky print dress // H&M lace shirt // Charlotte Russe feather necklace worn as bracelet // Steve Madden shoes

Sorry for the lack of post last week. I've been busy lately with school starting. :( But I love this new dress! I've been wanting something sky print for ages, and this is so comfy and effortless. I wore it with this lace top because I thought the scalloping on the bottom and created a cloud-like effect. :) I was originally planning to wear this with a blazer for a different kind of look, but I was feeling vintage today. Plus, I have a similar dress that goes well with the blazer. Hopefully I can get that up later! But I'm almost afraid to wear that dress anytime I have to sit somewhere. I feel like I might unpleat it with even the slightest wrong touch! It's not the best quality, but has anyone else ever had that problem before? 
xoxo, Elly

Monday, August 13, 2012

Colorblock Dress

Colorblock cutout dress c/o Sway Chic // H&M collar necklace, t-strap heels

This dress is probably the only colorblocked garment that I own. And now that I think about it, it's also the only piece I have with cutouts! Haha, late to the scene but at least I made it? :) It's such a bold dress that I didn't feel the need to add much else. (Plus, it was sizzling hot and I wasn't quite in the mood to do any layering. You should have seen how relieved I was when I finally found an area with shade!) Also, I wanted to create a sleek ponytail for this look; I figured that it wouldn't be too much more difficult than a regular ponytail. However, the hair styling gods were not shining down on me, and I ended up failing miserably. Well... at least it was better than my braiding! But other than my failed hair endeavors, special thanks to the lovely people at who were kind enough to send me this stunning dress. Sway Chic offers a great variety of clothing and accessories at affordable prices, and everyone should definitely check it out!

xoxo, Elly

Monday, August 6, 2012


J Jill jacket // Aerie striped sweater // Vintage jeans // H&M neon heels

It was a little cooler than usual, and I was all too ready to break out the layers! Recently I've been loving light green with yellow. It creates a really fun honeydew look! And someone please inform me about the Olympics! I actually haven't seen much of anything so far, so I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me some of the best parts to watch.

PS: A friend of a friend has recently started a business where she splatter paints old jeans and shorts. If you're interested, feel free to email her at for more details!

xoxo, Elly
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