Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Floral Sneaker Wedges

Thrifted mint corduroy blazer (Goodwill) // J Crew tee shirt // Forever 21 emerald button down corduroy skirt // Go Jane floral sneaker wedges (similar here)

I finally got sneaker wedges about a month ago! It's kind of a love hate thing as I know both people who love sneaker wedges and people who can't stand them. I personally really like them, especially since I've been looking for a comfy casual shoe that still stands out for a long time now. And the floral was just perfect for spring, so I couldn't resist! I also like pairing different shades of green together, like with the mint and emerald here. The fact that they were both corduroy was totally coincidental, but the fabric thickness was perfect for the weather since it was still a little chilly outside. And like in the previous post, this blazer is also from Goodwill. I just realized that a majority of my outerwear comes from there. But there aren't any other other close by thrift stores, and it's so cheap, so it makes sense when I think about it. Haha, now I have an urge to go thrifting! Tell me all about your favorite thrift places or some of the best steals that you've gotten! :)

xoxo, Elly


  1. Love sneaker wedges, and yours are lovely, Ely:)

  2. You pull those off so well, Elly! :D You're precious. I don't think I could wear them, but I really want to try them, maybe once, haha. I just don't know how much wear I'd get out of them.

    I love all the green in your outfit, too! I feel like green can be such a neglected color in the blog world. You find the best deals at thrift shops! The best I've done is a Fossil belt for $3. It's such a nice cognac color, hehe. :D

  3. You floral snickers are so sweet! Amazing outfit!

  4. Omgsh, I was seriously just eyeing those same sneaker wedges on Go Jane before visiting here!
    Gah, now I want them even more!
    Haha, the floral print is just so adorable. I can't help thinking I'd never take them off if I owned a pair - comfortably and super stylish? Yes please :)

    Trendy Teal

  5. That minty blazer was such a fab find :-). Love those sneakers too - they are darling!

  6. I absolutely love the sneakers. Thanks fr visiting my blog. Following you now on gfc. Xoxo


  7. ooo i just did a post with my new go jane shoes too!


    ♥ Ellen
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