Thursday, January 3, 2013

Neon Cats

Forever 21 neon cat pullover, collar shirt // Ve Vinice sequin skirt (gifted from aunt) // Kimchi Blue cap toe wedges (UO)

I've been wanting to post with this skirt since I got it during the summer. But holidays flew by too quickly, and I never got a chance to make an outfit with it. I was originally going to do something more dressy like pairing it with a blazer for a holiday look, but since holidays are over, I decided to tone down the skirt with a super casual cat print pullover. I've been obsessed with everything cat printed and was super excited to find this pullover a  little over a month ago. It's really comfy and easy to wear, so I find myself wearing it all the time!

PS: I'm thinking of updating the blog layout a little for the new year, so just a heads up that things might look a little weird for a while. And I'm a bit stumped as for what to do for the header and the overall theme, so I'd love to hear everyone's ideas!

xoxo, Elly


  1. oo oo ooo that pullover is WAY CUTE! As for the header, I think you should put a graphic of an elephant in it somehow haha :)Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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  2. ELLY YOU ARE SO ADORABLE OHMYGOSH! & girl that sweater is so cuuute! & yeah, what Rory said! Include a cute little elephant in there(; Hope you can stop by my blog!

    xx, Shirley

  3. Great Post!

    Gosh you are always so cute, love even though I'm not a cat person I love this sweater :)

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  4. Great Look and your smile is so sweet :D

  5. Cute sweater!! And I love that skirt it would be perfect for NYE. Those shoes are killer too! Love the toe cap. Good luck with redesigning the blog!

  6. So cute! Neon + cats + sequins = my absolute favorite things!


  7. You always look so happy in you pictures - I love that! I think this skirt is so much fun and can definitely be dressed up or down.

  8. I love your shoes! So cool!

    Would youlike to follow each other?

  9. This is the stinking cutest thing ever!!! I LOVE the sequins with the kitschy-cute little cat pattern!

    <3 Cambria

  10. my dear you look lovely, it would be great to follow each other with bloglovin,
    kisses from,

  11. Omigod this is way too cute!! Ur cute face, that pullover (the cats! XD), n the sequined skirt, plus the wedges, everything is perfect! Loveee it!<3
    Mind to follow each other?:))



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