Monday, December 24, 2012

A Little Gothic

Thrifted Kirna Zabete at Target dress worn as outerwear // Floral lace shirt, studded collar c/o Oasap // Kohl's vertical stripe skirt // Forever 21 tights // Steve Madden shoes
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone's having a great holiday season so far! :) I was planning on posting this outfit along with the previous post (here) to do a "one dress, two ways" kind of post, but I never really had the time to take pictures for this outfit until now. I love how this dress can be completely unzipped, so I often wear it as a vest/jacket. Also, I thought I had ordered this collar in white, but I must have accidentally ordered it in black. I had a completely different look planned using the white collar, but I changed it to match the black one. This look's more gothic than what I usually wear, but I thought that the style fit the collar well. I might give the collar away to anyone who's interested, just shoot me a message. It'll be a Christmas present from me. :) And with that, happy holidays! Eat lots, sleep lots, and take full advantage of all the holiday sales!
xoxo, Elly


  1. happy holidays and merry christmas, Elly! such a cute floral gothic look! wow..

    btw have u receive the package from Bonne Chance?
    *just curious*

  2. What a cool idea to wear a dress as outerwear. It works well over the shape of the skirt.
    Happy Holidays!


  3. Gorgeous outfit! The collar looks amazing on you. Merry Christmas xx

  4. Looking super pretty doll and love the collar it definitely finishes the outfit beautifully.

    <3 Marina

  5. Loving how your remixed the dress. The floral shirt is perfect with the edgy collar!

  6. this is so adorable!!! (:

  7. This is gorgeous! I love that rose print, and those boots make me swoon! You are ever inspiring dear, I love coming to your blog!

  8. I am definitely liking this more gothic take on teh's really unique and interesting! Plus that jacket/cardi is really chic.

    <3 Cambria

    Check out my flatiron GIVEAWAY!!!

  9. I love those booties and that you mixed in some girly floral with the gothic. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and here's to a happy new year!!


Thanks for the comment! I read every one. :)

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